SeaQuake brewing opened for business on July 4th 2016, in Crescent City, California. Inspired by our love of craft beer and the beautiful local scenery we set out to see what we could brew on our own. Starting in a barn during family barbecues on a half-barrel system, we worked through trying different recipes.

After a year of experimenting we decided to share our beer and expand. Together with our partners we worked to transform the old brewery building on Front street into a family style brewery. Today we are brewing on a fifteen barrel brewhouse that was manufactured in Canby, Oregon, by Global Stainless Systems. 

We work hard because it’s in our DNA.


At Seaquake Brewing, our beer is a product crafted of its environment.

Our family embraces its coastal heritage and strives to create a beer as bold and inspiring as the place where we live.
It’s a  place where the forces of nature are impossible to ignore.

At Seaquake, we start each day believing the best craft beer has yet to be made. And we are driven to brew just that.